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bluePRINT Sync®

Unify the lighting functions of an entire fleet of emergency vehicles and equipment.


  • ​​bluePRINT Sync is an add-on component for the bluePRINT 3 System. 
  • It provides true warning system coordination between vehicles. 
  • Sync-equipped emergency vehicles will automatically flash in perfect timing when using the same pattern. 
  • Because of bluePRINT’s flexibility in programming, single and multi-color patterns can be set to match or be different based on environmental and operator variances.  
  • When matched with bluePRINT LINK, SYNC becomes the industry’s first lighting sync system that can be programmed to automatically changes colors, patterns, or intensities based on input from the vehicle such as speed, and ambient lighting.
  • bluePRINT Sync improves warning messages. Slow, medium, or fast patterns are much more effective and noticeable when multiple vehicles are utilizing synchronized patterns.
  • bluePRINT Sync reduces the distractions and confusion of multiple, random flashing lights. Approaching drivers can better judge the emergency vehicle’s status. 
  • bluePRINT Sync improves work area visibility for officers and other roadway users. 
  • bluePRINT Sync enhances the professional image of all warning or response vehicles on a scene. 
  • bluePRINT Sync enhances the tactical presence of police by calming scenes and implying control.

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Tech Specs

  • Input Voltage

    10-16 Vdc

  • Operating Temperature

    - 40° C to +65° C

  • Current Draw

    <100mA @ 12.8 Vdc

  • Dimensions

    Module: Length 3.4" (8.6 cm) x Height 0.9" (2.2 cm) x Depth 1.6" (4.1 cm)
    Antenna: Base Length 1.6" (4.0 cm) x Height 0.4" (1.0 cm) x Depth 1.5" (3.7 cm)

  • Warranty


  • Hardware Requirements

    Only a bluePRINT Central Controller with firmware version 3.08 and newer is required for use with bluePRINT Sync.

  • Software Requirements

    All programming for bluePRINT require access to the bluePRINT Configuration Software. Sync is supported in bluePRINT version 3.8.2 and newer.

  • Antenna Recommendation

    SoundOff Signal only offers technical GPS support using the included GPS antenna Using an antenna other than the recommended can possibly damage the bluePRINT Sync module. Damage to the Sync module from improper antenna usage is not covered under warranty.


Part Numbers

Symbol Key Descriptions:

This symbol next to a part means this part number is Going Obsolete. Check availability with customer service.
This symbol next to a part means No Discounts Allowed. Contact customer service if you have any questions.
ENGSYMD01 bluePRINT Sync® Module, includes GPS Antenna, ECE R10 Certified 1 Years
ENGSYAT01 bluePRINT Sync® GPS Antenna 1 Years