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ConfigureIT System

Configure select perimeter lights via an app, not via a tap.


  • System contains Bluetooth Module and two harnesses
  • Reduces install time
  • Eliminates tapping of wires
  • Free ConfigureIT app is available via app store and Google Play
  • Save configurations for repetitive lights for multiple/reused configurations
  • Simple user interface – no training required
  • Supported by world-class technical support
  • Compatible with mpower 3", mpower 4", and 5-wire Intersector and Universal Undercover lights
  • Part Number: ECTBM001

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Tech Specs

  • Includes

    Bluetooth Module
    Two Harnesses

  • App Platforms



Part Numbers

ECTBM001 ConfigureIT Bluetooth Module90 day(s)$190.00

Release Notes

ConfigureIT Version 2.1
Released 2/15/2019

New Features:
- Added warning for the user on send in custom table screen if the custom table is not enabled. 

Bug Fixes:
- Removed Easter Egg partial support for Grid light and nRoads. 
- Fixed Activity indicator on Firmware update screen. 
- Disabled firmware update button while the update is happening.  
- Fixed issue with IOS not able to connect to Bluetooth device a second time. Occurs on both normal disconnect and device signal lost. 
- Changed the connection process. Disabled buttons when they shouldn’t be pressed. 
- Made x on Bluetooth icon bigger.
- Fixed activity indicator on the Product info page. 
- Disabled refresh button on the Product information page when the refresh event is running. 
- Bug - 3345 - Apple devices give a 1E error when trying to reconnect to a Bluetooth device "connection lost event".
- Bug - 3343 – Added support for very old firmware version of mPower 5-wire lights. 
- Bug - 3295 - Connection error message changed to specify if the issue is connecting to dongle or light.
- Bug - 3293 - Custom Table now shows correct default configuration.
- Bug - 3271 – Fixed Custom table not enabled try again error.
- Bug - 3235 - Android Bluetooth devices now scroll when the device is in landscape mode. 

Firmware updates:
- Added firmware file mPower_Module_v01_50.enc.
ConfigureIT Release: 3.0

- Send buttons have been consolidated into one send all button now located in the title bar. 
- Improved the light detection process.  A new or second light can be detected and programmed by simply connecting it and pressing send all. 
- Many improvements to firmware update including but not limited to. 
- Configurations can now be sent without leaving the firmware update screen. 
- An improved process for programming several individual lights back to back. 
- Added a new screen to allow the user to open and Save Files. 
- Added ability to delete configuration files. 
- Improved the user experience while the app is not connected to Bluetooth.
- Many improvements to the Product configuration page including but not limited to the following. 
- Product configuration page now shows what product is currently being configured 
- Added a new light button. This new button allows the user to create a new configuration without hardware being present. 
- Added a button to allow the user to read the configuration of a connected light without attempting to send. 
- Improved the look and feel of the custom table setup page. 
- Custom table setup page now detects and allows the users to change the flash pattern table to the custom table without leaving the screen. 
- Wire simulator now shows the connected lights current configuration. 
- Scan/ connect screen now automatically begins scanning when you navigate to the screen.  
- Better uniform look and feel between IOS and Android:
- New back buttons and screen titles
- Tabs on Android were moved to the bottom. 
- Added a link to complete change list on the about page.  
- Added link to the how-to video on the Start page. 
- Added list of supported products to the Start page. 

Bug fixes: 
- Improved the custom table setup page to make buttons easier to press. 
- Improved issues relating to multi-press and double tapping buttons. 
- Bug #3644 - Background is tiled on IOS Tablets
- Bug #3224 - Flash Pattern - longer Flash Pattern names do not fit on screen
- Bug - Firmware update - button does not inform user when a light is changed

Numerous other bug fixes and improvements. 
ConfigureIT Release: 3.1

- Added support for mpower® 4x2 lights
Bug fixes: 
- Numerous bug fixes and improvements. 
ConfigureIT Release: 3.2

- None
Bug fixes: 
- Firmware update 1.04 for mpower® 4x2 lights to improve thermal performance in remote flashing mode.