Mighty Night Light Product Image

Mighty Night Light

The smallest high-powered LED white light on the market for public safety use.


  • High powered white LED spot light with a compact size that allows you to use it anywhere you have restricted space such as push bumpers, around the license plate
  • Powerful and bright 400 lumen output
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally

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Tech Specs

  • Input Voltage Range

    10 - 30 VDC

  • Current Draw

    0.65 amps @ 12.8 VDC

  • LED Count

    4 Diode Multi-chip LED

  • LED Technology

    Generation 3

  • Operating Temperature

    -40° to +65° C

  • Dimensions

    4.1" height x 2.8" width x 1.3" depth

  • Mounting

    Mounts on 3.54" centers


Part Numbers

EAUSSMB0SWC Mighty Night Spot Light, Surface Mount w/ 20 Degree Flood (Standard Lens) - White3 Years$195.00
EAUSSMB0FWC Mighty Night Spot Light, Surface Mount w/ 45 Degree Flood Lens - White3 Years$195.00
EAUSSMB0AWC Mighty Night Spot Light, Surface Mount w/ 15 Degree Forward Facing Lens - White3 Years$195.00