Dome LED Lights (Interior) Product Image

Dome LED Lights (Interior)

Powerful lighting in a sleek design.


  • Red night light models: Dome light has a red LED night light to reduce officer targeting
  • Officer can see clearly inside and outside the vehicle when the red LED night light is turned on
  • Available for police package vehicles with plug-in connector for quick and easy installation
  • LED dome lights offer a low amp draw, superior efficiency and hours of long-lasting reliability
  • A great light for drivers working night shifts – red LED night light is gentle on the eyes reducing eye fatigue

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Tech Specs

  • Input Voltage Range

    10-30 VDC

  • Current Draw

    <0.2 Amp for LED

  • Technology

    1 white LED and 8 red LEDs

  • Operating Temperature

    -40° C to +65° C

  • Dimensions

    2.9" (12 cm) Diameter x 0.9" (2.3 cm) D


Part Numbers

ECVDMLTST2Interior Cargo/Dome Light, Flush Surface Mount, 7" x 3" - White LEDs5 Years$62.10
ECVDMLTST4Interior Cargo/Dome Light, Flush Surface Mount, 6" x 3" - White2 Years$39.54
ECVDMLTST4GInterior Cargo/LED Dome Light, Flush Surface Mount w/ Grey Base, 6" x 3" - White LEDs2 Years$43.00
ECVDMLTAL00LED Dome Light, 6" Round w/ Red LED Night Light, 10-30v - White LEDs/White Lens5 Years$104.00
ECVDMLTALDCLED Dome Light - 6” Round, w/ Red LED Night Light, fits Dodge Charger, Ford PI Sedan & Utility, 10-30V, White Lens / White LEDs5 Years$119.00

Service Parts

PLRDMLTReplacement Lens for #ECVDML(xxxx) Dome Lights - Opaque White (not for use w/ ECVDMLTAL(xxx) lights)2 Years$8.00