nERGY® 400 Series Remote Siren Product Image

nERGY® 400 Series Remote Siren

Sound intensity and amplification to increase coverage on the scene.


  • Officers value the sound intensity of the dual-tone feature fooling perpetrators into believing multiple police vehicles are in pursuit
  • 200 watt sirens feature dual-tone capability to deliver tow siren tones at once to provide officers with extreme “traffic moving” capability
  • Features an eight-second buzzer alert to notify users that the level or auxiliary buttons are activated
  • Horn ring scroll provides ability to quickly change tones with the tap of the horn
  • Provides up to seven 10 amp and three 20 amp outputs with internal fuses for powering solenoids (i.e. gunlock) or supplying power and signaling to other onboard peripherals (printer, radar, GPS, etc.)
  • Built-in protection against over/under voltage, short circuit and reverse polarity
  • Cabling setup is the same as 380R Siren Series allowing for easy swap-in
  • Dimmable green LED backlighting

Tones, Alerts, Yelps, and Wails

Tech Specs

  • Input Voltage Range

    10-16 VDC

  • Watts

    200 (two speakers required)

  • Certifications

    CA Title 13 sound levels when used with SoundOff Signal speakers


Part Numbers

ETSA482RSPnERGY® 400 Series Remote Siren w/ Button Control, 10-16v - for two 100 watt speakers5 Years$1,027.00
ETSA481RSPnERGY® 400 Series Remote Siren w/ Button Control, 10-16v - for one 100 watt speaker5 Years$943.00

Service Parts

PTSSLFHN02Adapter Harness for Low Frequency Speaker - connects the siren to the amplifier2 Years$14.00
PSRNSWK1Replacement Slide Switch Knob for #ETSA481RSP, #ETSA482RSP2 Years$2.50
PSRNMMC1Replacement Microphone Mounting Clip for #ETSA482RSP, #ETSA482RSP2 Years$3.75
PSRN4MCEXT12' Extension Cable for use with #ETSA481RSP, #ETSA482RSP3 Years$38.00
PSRN4MTBK1Mounting Bracket for Amplifier Box fits nERGY® 400 Series2 Years$21.50
PSRN4RJC1RJ45 Coupler for use w/ nERGY® 400 Series Sirens2 Years$3.25
PSRNBLBK1Bail Bracket Kit for use w/ #ETSA481RSP, #ETSA482RSP2 Years$34.00
PSRNBLBK3Bail Bracket Kit for use w/#ETSA481RSR, #ETSA482RSR2 Years$33.00
PSRNMC1Replacement Microphone & Strain Relief for #ETSA481RSP, #ETSA482RSP2 Years$29.00
PSRNLEG1Peel & Stick Legends for Auxiliary Buttons for #ETSA481RSP, #ETSA482RSP2 Years$2.00
PSRN4CTRL4Replacement Controller (only) for use w/ #ETSA481RSR, #ETSA482RSR2 Years$358.00
PSRN4CTRL1Replacement Control Panel for use w/ #ETSA481RSP, #ETSA482RSP2 Years$270.00
PSRN4ANR2Replacement Amplifier Box - 200w for use w/ #ETSA482RSP2 Years$735.00
PSRN4ANR1Replacement Amplifier Box - 100w for use w/ #ETSA481RSP, ETSA481RSR, ETSA461HPP2 Years$535.00
PNFLBSPLT1Plug & Play Kit for 400 Series Remote & Handheld Siren to connect to nFORCE Exterior Lightbar, includes: RJ-45 Splitter & 3' CAT5 Cable5 Years$30.00
PNFLBHNDT2Plug & Play Kit for 400 Series Console Sirens to connect to nFORCE Exterior Lightbar, includes 3' CAT5 Cable (only)5 Years$5.00
PSRN4HDK2Fuse Kit for use w/ nERGY® 400 Series Sirens2 Years$7.75
PSRN4HDK1Harness Kit for use w/ #ETSA481RSP, #ETSA482RSP2 Years$88.00