Opticom Preemption LED Module Product Image

Opticom Preemption LED Module

Infrared pulses allow preemption for emergency vehicles.


  • Provides emergency vehicle preemption to all intersections equipped with Opticom Infrared systems. Module generates a series of pulses in the infrared wavelength to allow preemption for emergency vehicles
  • High efficiency LEDs require up to 90% less electrical power than conventional emitters, conserving power for other onboard emergency equipment. LED technology provides a higher level of consistent performance over the life of the emitter
  • Built-in power supply simplifies installation
  • Coded signal transmissions allow traffic officials to manage, track and control usage of the Opticom system and to block unauthorized vehicles from using it
  • Visible indicator lights provide operational status and advanced diagnostic information

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Tech Specs

  • Light Sync


  • Input Voltage Range

    10-32 VDC

  • Current Draw

    <1 Amp

  • Operating Temperature

    -30˚ C to +65° C

  • Dimensions

    4.5: (11.5 cm) W x 3.16" (8.0) H x 2.23" (5.7 cm) D

  • Certifications

    SAE J575 Class 1 certified
    J455 certified

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EGTTE794H Opticom™ Infrared LED Emitter Module - Model 794H (non-lightbar version) includes Bracket & Mounting Hardware, 25 ft Cable w/ mating connector 5 Years $3010